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The University of Cyprus, established in 1989, is a vigorous community of scholars engaged in the generation and diffusion of knowledge. The main objectives of the university are twofold: the promotion of scholarship and education through teaching and research, and the enhancement of the cultural, social and economic development of Cyprus. High-calibre scholarly research is one of the main pillars of development of UCY and has been a central tenant in its mission statement since the University’s establishment. In recent years, the University has become internationally recognized as a leading research institution for its contribution to the advancement of science and culture. This recognition has brought the University substantial external research funding as well as a number of highly prestigious chairs of excellence. UCY comprises 9 faculties, 22 departments and 11 research units. The Department of Architecture and the department’s research labs, offer expertise on both the design and sustainability of housing as well as on the educational framework needed to address the design of sustainable housing environments, focusing on the synergistic relationships between economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability.

ALA Planning Partnership is an SME and a multi-disciplinary consultancy based in Cyprus, providing full consultancy services on Planning, Transport and Environmental issues. The company’s philosophy is to design and undertake actions through an integrated approach with a focus on the fundamentals of sustainable development. The company offers a full range of regional/strategic, town, environmental and transport planning services in a responsible and highly professional manner, backed up by scientific expertise and extensive experience. The company is a highly innovative SME, with a strong ambition to develop, grow and internationalise and is interested in developing new ideas and products, which can tackle societal challenges. The company has a thorough understanding of the real problems faced by society in the areas of its work, as well as of issues requiring further research. The consultancy has an impressive track record of projects for both private and public-sector clients. As a result, the company has established excellent links with Governmental Departments and Local Authorities and formed an excellent cooperation network with international experts with diverse academic and technical backgrounds from many European Countries.

The history of the atelier is rooted in that of its founder, André Dias Araujo, CEO and conceptual responsible for each project. The atelier was founded in 2006, is located in the historic center of Porto. Based on a multidisciplinary team, the studio focuses on the practice of Architecture and Design, with symbiotic partnerships in the areas of Engineering and Construction, while offering services such as Urbanism, Engineering, Construction Management, Supervision and Coordination. Recognized creativity, mixed with competence and motivation, allow us to face any project as a challenge, while adapting to the needs of each client, reflecting their own identity through the unique side of each work. Aware of the importance of the architect’s work in designing sustainable buildings, we seek, test new materials and solutions that minimize the environmental impact and increase the energy sustainability of his projects. Sustainability consists of building thinking about the future. André Dias Araujo, Arquitetura e Design, has developed architectural projects of the most varied scales and high levels of demand, mostly private order.

The activities of ISUF are governed by its Council, composed of Officers and elected members, which meets once a year to review the association’s business. These meetings coincide with annual conferences, alternating between large one year and small the next, during which a general meeting is held that brings Councillors, Officers, and members together to discuss the interests, projects, developments, and direction of the field and the association, and to elect new Councillors as vacancies arise. The general activities of the association are coordinated by its Secretary-General, its Treasurer, and its Webmaster. The publication of the association’s journal is in the hands of an Editor, two Associate Editors, two Assistant Editors, an Editorial Assistant and an Editorial Board. Special projects are coordinated by the chairs and secretaries of various Commissions and Working Parties. All administrative positions in the organization are honorary and unpaid.

Social Fringe: Interesting Untold Stories (SF:ius) is a non-profit organization concerned with particular social and urban aspects, which require attention and are not entirely covered by established institutions and/or corporate culture in general. The projects conducted by SF:ius cover current phenomena mainly related to the fields of social theory, architecture and urbanism, art practice and theory, and philosophy. The purpose of SF:ius is to promote fairer distribution of authority and life opportunities for all, social justice, and innovative solutions for social tensions; issues closely related to the political dimension and agency of the space/territory. SF:ius conducts and supports a variety of other activities: education and information campaigns, public events, publishing, and cooperation with national and international organizations, institutions, groups and individuals. Participation in collaborative platforms presents a significant aspect: SF:ius is a coordinator of the regional platform “Inappropriate Monuments” dealing with research, re-contextualization and advocating for socialist heritage on national, regional and European level; and a partner in the project “Trešnjevka Neighborhood Museum – Building from Bottom Up” supported by the European Social Fund.

The Schiattarella Associati is a Rome based architectural firm, operating within the fields of architecture and urban design, research and development. The office is currently involved in a significative number of projects in Europe and the Middle East. SCHIATTARELLA ASSOCIATI has always combined its professional engagements with equally intensive efforts of research, taking part in both national and international competitions while working to disseminate architectural culture. Since 1970 we have always developed our own way in making architecture, mainly pursuing the values belonging to the community and to the context. To this purpose, in the era of globalization we strongly believe in the need of preserving and promoting cultural diversity. Thus, in our projects we always aim at establishing a dialectical relationship with physical features of the site and with the local culture. This is why when facing each project we pay attention to the values of the site in accordance with nature and the shapes of the landscape, light, main winds, use of materials, processing of patterns in line with the craft tradition. At a purely disciplinary level our research is carried out by investigating the relationship between geometry and randomness, solids and voids, static and dynamic nature of spaces. The concept of “void”, of the inter-space that arises among volumes or surfaces, that “absence” of the built which represents the essence of the architecture itself, has always been the focal point around which our firm designs its projects. Our work is an almost hand-crafted testing, a series of technical experimentations running within a continue and accurate activity, looking for diversification and choice of solutions. The result is an architecture never detached from the territory and that, far from standing as a formal archetype, is deeply rooted in its own context.

The University of Parma, is a State University, whose istitution dates back to 962. The University holds 9 Departments, 40 First Cycle Degree Courses, 6 Single Cycle Degree Courses, 46 Second Cycle Degree Courses (7 of which entirely held in English), as well as many Postgraduate schools, Teacher Training courses, several Master Programmes and PhDs. University of Parma has now about 27,000 full time students and 1,700 professors, researchers and more than 850 faculty staff. Attention to teaching of quality, research, innovation and dissemination of knowledge on the territory are the core of University’s mission. The research intensity of University of Parma, based on the numbers of papers output relative to university size, is classified as High. The Department of Engineering and Architecture is a scientific and didactic structure of the University of Parma. The department mission includes training and knowledge dissemination in the areas of engineering and architecture. Knowledge is developed through an intense research activity and an articulated and complete course offer. The course offered are designed and implemented in agreement with the main stakeholders, in particular students, private companies, public bodies, research centres, and as part of a process of progressive internationalization of activities. The department also pursues quality assurance procedures for administrative action, research, teaching and third mission, promotes sustainability in the territory and contributes to its socio-economic growth. The DIA department aims at becoming a centre of excellence in scientific and educational level, thanks to its main areas of expertise for the competitive development of the local territory. The key pillar of the Department is its propension for both basic and applied research, technology transfer and training of professionals and researchers (engineers and architects) who will excel in the world of work, be able to contribute to the evolution of the local, but also Italian, European and international industry, and to the dissemination of knowledge and technical and scientific culture.

Founded in 1911, UPORTO is one of the largest higher education and research institutions in Portugal with 31.897 students (20% international, including mobility), 2.698 academics & researchers and 1.643 administrative staff. It is one of the best-positioned PT HEI in national and international rankings: Times Higher Education 2019 (401-500); QS 2019/2020 (353); Leiden 2019 (159); NTU 2019 (220). It has 14 Faculties, 1 Business School and 49 Research Centres located in 3 campuses. UPORTO is the most southafter PT HEI among the PT applicants to the HE System (1.7 applicants/available vacancy) and a leading producer of science in PT, responsible for 23,8% of the total scientific production (2012-16). Ensuring highquality in training, education and research is of paramount importance to UPORTO, together with its strong commitment towards society. It has been consolidating its social responsibility through the promotion of volunteering projects, the intensification of the interaction with several local/regional associations in the organisation of cultural, social and artistic activities. As a truly international HEI, with 6.121 international students from ~80 nationalities, internationalisation is one of UPORTO’s strategic pillars, allowing the development of existing alliances and the establishment of innovative cooperation actions with institutions from all over the world (~2660 active agreements). UPORTO definitely opened its doors to the world, having coordinated and being partner in several projects, namely Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundus projects, which together represented a direct management by UPORTO of roughly €67M. UPORTO also participates in one of the pioneer European Universities funded by the EC as part of Erasmus+, the EUGLOH, which is an innovative alliance, coordinated by Université Paris-Saclay, focusing on a unifying and transdisciplinary topic, global health, and that aims at addressing the major societal challenges.