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innovative learning

Innovating learning and teaching through knowledge exchange and skills development working on real-life urban projects


Understanding and developing business models for evidence-based urban practices

urban knowledge

urban knowledge b

Co-creating urban knowledge through multiple modes of exchange and involvement of students, teachers and enterprises staff in teaching, research and practice

"Being able to be part of KAEBUP's final conference had a positive impact on my academic career. I think urban regeneration will be a prominent topic of architectural practice in the coming years, so it is necessary to understand what evidence-based design theory is, in order to improve our design thinking, for a better future for architecture".


University of Parma

“I was extremely thankful for all the experience this internship has given me, all the knowledge, support and consideration from all my colleagues in the office…  Though I was being closely and kindly followed by each of my supervisors/mentors… I felt I was at this point much more autonomous and confident in developing my work, not feeling the constant need to confirm and look for advice or suggestions/feedback from my colleagues. I assume this was me being comfortable with the work I was assigned to and it was very good for me to perceive such.”


University of Porto

“I had the pleasure of participating in KAEBUP as an online forum for discussing teaching urban morphology. It was an enlightening experience to engage with professors and professionals from different countries and disciplines and exchange ideas about how to enhance students’ understanding of cities’ form and function… Overall, KAEBUP was a stimulating and enjoyable platform for sharing experiences and insights about teaching urban morphology.”


Dissemination Event